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Healthy Glowing Skin from Within

Why use temporary solution like cosmetics, skin and hair care products to look beautiful, when you can naturally look beautiful from within? A diet rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals is the key to healthy glowing skin, as cliché as it sounds, that’s the truth and we have research to back it up! 

Let’s have a closer look on how these nutrients help with our skin health. Research has found that vitamin A, C, D, K, omega 3 fatty acids, protein, lactobacilli are considered as agents that promote skin health.

Here are few foods you can include in your meals to have a flawless skin:

  1. Fish, avocado, chia seeds & walnuts: Rich in omega 3 fatty acids which promotes the growth of skin cells and moisturizes the skin which makes it wrinkle free. Fish that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids are salmon, sardine and mackerel. 
  2. Pro & prebiotics: Did you know that our gut is our second brain? We need to give it utmost care. A healthy gut is equal to healthy mind and body, these helpful bacteria improve our skin immunity by forming a shield from UV rays. Probiotics can be included in the form fermented foods like curd, yoghurt, paneer and pre biotics are present in foods like garlic, onion, banana, oats, flax seeds, wheat bran etc. Smoothie is an easier way to mix both pro & prebiotic into your meal.
  3. Fruits and vegetables: I can’t stress enough on how including the rainbow colours gives us a variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in our meals. vitamin C helps withcollagen formation which keeps our skin foundation strong and radiant, some of the examples of vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables (kiwi, papaya, guava, strawberry, mosambi, pineapple, pomegranate, bell peppers, gourd family & broccoli).
  4. Tomatoes: Lycopene an antioxidant present in them helps to reduces the damage done to the skin by UV rays.
  5. Turmeric: Curcumin an active component present in them contains anti-inflammatory properties which fights free radicals and keeps our cells and skin healthy. Couple turmeric with pepper for better absorption of curcumin.
  6. Green leafy vegetables: They are rich in vitamin K which offers good blood circulationin the body which is good news for a supple glowing skin.
  7. Water: Last but not the least, drinking water is vital to take care of your skin as dehydration promotes dull and pale skin. If you are not a big fan of plain water, then try fruit / vegetable infused water to drink your way up to healthier glowing skin.

Foods to avoid for healthy skin: Deep fried foods, refined and processed foods, sugars. If you have frequent skin breakouts consider eliminating dairy or gluten or whey protein off your diet as they usually trigger existing skin issues.

Skin health is not just matter of genetics when taken care by having right food and physical activity everyone can achieve it. In the process of achieving it we need to look at sustainable practices that benefit our skin from within instead of using harsh chemicals and surgery on them to get immediate results that will lead to more complications later on in life.

Next time you turn towards applying beauty creams along with eating all unhealthy junk food don’t complain that you aren’t seeing results that you wanted. Take a break from these and start a healthy diet along with exercise and see wonderful results!

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