Snacking On the Go!

 “You can really only enjoy life when you’re extremely busy.”– Josephine de La Baume

Swamped with unscheduled meetings? Too many deadlines to meet? A jam packed day?

On days like these the idea of having snacks or be it even meals becomes debatable. Snacks are important as they refuel you and thereby help you perform your tasks better. Snacking also helps beat those hunger pangs that pop up between meals. Snacking isn’t a nasty habit, and in fact, it can be a healthy part of your daily diet.

It is easy for one to reach out for a packet of chips, or pick out any snack off the shelf. However, a lot of snacks can be high in saturated fat, sugar and salt, and offer very little nutritional value. Don’t let your snacks hinder your progress towards your health and fitness goals!

Here are a few snacks that nourish you as well as lets you focus on daily tasks rather than your appetite. These can be easily tucked into your desk drawer, briefcase, or backpacks for daily, occasional, or emergency snacking situations.

1.  Trail Mix- A combination of nuts, dried fruit, and seeds, sometimes includes granola clusters. A light weight and nutrient packed snack option. Though there are many trail mix varieties available in grocery stores, you can always whip this up at home too. So go ahead and mix and match your favourite nuts and seeds.

2.  Fresh Fruit- A naturally sweet and nutrient rich snack, perhaps that’s why they’re called nature’s candy! Pair your favourite fruits with nut butter or mix them up with other fruits and refresh yourself with a fruit salad.

3. Veggie Sticks + Hummus- Eating raw veggies for many are a boring routine, this snack can be levelled up by changing your veggie options seasonally and taking your hummus dip a notch higher by adding various garnishes like chaat masala, chilli flakes, burnt pepper or even adding in an avocado.

4. Greek Yogurt- A power-packed snack with the goodness of protein, calcium and pro-biotic culture. Enjoy this creamy delight as it is or top it with some berries or nut butter. Keep in mind to browse the nutrition label as some brands pack in extra sugar and calories.

5. Foxnuts– Commonly known as phool makhana or lotus seeds, these light and healthy seeds make a great evening snack. They’re rich in fibre, protein and anti-oxidants making them the perfect snack for weight watchers! For those who miss those crispy fried snacks this is the best alternative as lotus seeds don’t compromise on the crunch factor. Roast them in a little ghee, sprinkle some salt and they’re ready to be munched into.

6. Roasted Chickpeas- Roasting chickpeas offers them a crunchy texture and a nutty flavour. They’re an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals. You can season them with your choice of spices or if you’re a sweet tooth, coat them with a bit of jaggery. Boiled, roasted, sautéed or stir fried chickpeas are always an amazing snack option.

7. Popped Corn- Did you know that corn is a whole grain? Therefore pop corn is a healthy on the go snack! They contain good amounts of fibre and the best part is they’re low calorie too. Due to their good fibre content they keep your tummy full for longer. Opt for homemade air or microwave popped corn, as the commercially available ones can be high on calories and unhealthy ingredients. You can add a variety of seasonings, like onion or garlic powder, Italian seasonings or use other oils, like olive or coconut oil.

Healthy on the go snacks are an absolute blessing when hunger hits between meals because they provide essential nutrients to keep you going through your day-to-day routine. Snacking also helps balance blood sugar and improves your mood, motivation, and mindset. However avoid snacks like potato chips, cookies, fruit leather, other fried savory snacks as these are not only refined and highly processed, they are also devoid of nutrients. Ensure that you check the nutritional labels for store-bought healthy snacks and be watchful of the calories and sugar content—as many brands may claim that their product is “natural,” but a glimpse of the label discloses how much sugar, salt, and calories the product actually contains. As someone rightly quoted-‘ Keep your friends close and your snacks closer.’ So–On your mark, Get Set, Get snacking!

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