4 Ways to Improve General Health of Employees.

“Most people work hard and spend their health trying to achieve their health. Then they retire and spend their wealth to get back their wealth”

-Kevin Gianni

Health has always been a debating matter of how it affects the work performance. Having a good job and being healthy and fit at the same time is a constant battle. 

Has it been the same for you as well?

A lot of employees’ face health issues like diabetes, hypertension and elevated cholesterol levels to name a few. This trend is increasingly seen in younger adults as well. To add to that, desk jobs and a majorly sedentary lifestyle opens a can of worms on the already existing situation.  

With the rise in lifestyle disorders, I think we all agree that health is a priority. Not everyone can afford to hit the gym or make time for exercise regularly. Simple activities can be made part of the work schedule to keep the team active and up on their toes. This will not only help in boosting employees’ mental and physical state but also work performance. 

Did you know that simple small steps can have a large impact on employees’ health?

Here are some small initiatives organizations can take in order to do so: 

Healthy snacks at office

Healthy choices are easier to make when they are easily accessible. Stock up on healthier alternatives like nuts and dried fruits, puffed rice, makhana. When it comes to beverages options like green tea, herbal teas, sugarless coffee/tea can be a part of the offering. One nutrition term that people know of is calories, more awareness and education around this can help employees make better choices in the long run.

Did you know a bar of chocolate provides more than 100 kcal? 

Posters depicting calorie counts of different foods and beverages can be put around the cafeteria area or weekly emailer might do as well to bring about awareness. This information will provide an insight to choose healthier options. 

Be more physically active

We’ve all come across this proverb as children; “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. This proverb holds good for people of all ages. Taking the stairs than using the lift should be encouraged. Lift service means obesity. Climbing a flight of stairs burns about 8-10 calories. All this adds to daily movement. Have a work day where in the theme is to prioritize being active. If the company has a huge infrastructure site, then it’s always a good option to provide cycles around campus. 

Monday Motivation

Imagine if the atmosphere around Mondays could be like Fridays! To start off the week, everyone at office can receive a motivational quote and be a team building activity session. This will leave the team bubbling with energy!

Company-wide Mental Health Plan

This has to be the main concern at any organization. If the employee is not happy then the organization won’t run well and it indirectly turns into a negative platform to the other employees. You can always have a counsellor to help employees cope with mental stress.

Healthy Employees = Happy Employees

When you support employees’ health it will lead to employees being more mentally and physically well. This will show results in dedication towards work. Once these tips mentioned above are inculcated in the organization it will result in positive work environment.

Lastly, when you put work and health on two pans of the weighing scale, they will weigh the same because they are both equally important. One cannot decide which one takes a larger amount of room in one’s life, but the trick is to strike a balance between the two. Giving undivided attention to both health and work will always be a smarter choice!

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