What do you get?
Sports-specific nutrition plan | Competition day plan | Hydration strategy & Supplement advice | Injury & Rehab nutrition | Periodic follow-ups with assessments
Nutrition is the cornerstone to support training because if your not doing it your competition is.

Athletes need to fuel their body at the right time, with the right combination of foods & nutrients to maximize their athletic abilities & performance.

We tailor nutrition plans based on your sport, training schedule, recovery needs and body composition.
Sports Nutrition
What do you get?
Basic exercise routine | Detox plan | Travel eating guidance | Supplement advice | Setting your goal and lifestyle changes | Periodic follow-ups and assessments
Managing weight can feel like a never ending battle. Diets don’t work because they come with an expiry date.

We help you find a sustainable way to plan meals that are nourishing and guilt-free, while enabling you to achieve and maintain your ideal weight.
Weight Management
What do you get?
Correct weight issues | Tailor plans for your child's optimum growth | Healthy recipes and food options | Provide nutritious plans for children with special needs | Periodic follow-ups with assessments
Is your child a fussy or picky eater? Do they have low immunity or is not the right weight range?

Our mantra: Nourish, Empower, Sustain is built into your child’s nutrition plan.

Our kid-friendly nutrition plans add fun and colour to your child’s daily diet with minimum effort.
Kids Nutrition
What do you get?
Health condition-specific nutrition plan | Supplement advice | Symptom management | Nutrition deficiency correction | Periodic follow-ups and assessments
Unhealthy food habits and eating patterns can lead to health issues such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, high cholesterol levels, infertility and PCOS.

Nutrition is therapeutic and getting the right nutrients in is key to help manage and improve your conditions and maintain good health.
Therapeutic Nutrition




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