Health & Mindful Eating

“Mindful eating is a way to become reacquainted with the guidance of our internal nutritionist.”

Jan Chozen Bays

With all that has happened around us these past 2 years, now more than ever we need to understand how important our health is. Staying healthy is easy to do when we know what food to avoid and what food to eat every day.

Mindfulness targets becoming more aware of rather than reacting to one’s situation and choices. Mindful eating encourages one to make choices that will be satisfying and nourishing to the body. As we become more aware of our eating habits we may take steps towards behavior changes that will benefit ourselves and our environment.

It is about elevating your mindfulness to reach a state of full attention to your experiences, cravings and physical cues when eating.

A few tips to inculcate your sense of mindful eating:

  • Eat without distractions. 
  • Don’t skip your meals.
  • Eat slowly to avoid overeating. 
  • Limit yourself to one modest helping at meals. 
  • Look out for cravings (Non-hunger triggers).
  • Snack healthy – Avoid high fat or high sugar snacks.
  • Do not eat after dinner.
  • Stop binge eating.
  • Buy fresh & seasonal foods than any preserved food.
  • Always keep yourself well hydrated.
  • Appreciate, honor & savor your food.

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